Disburse Funds Real Time
From Anywhere



All data of transfer recipient candidates can be easily stored in a safe SFTP folder. It is suitable for business that often conducts fund transfer to multiple accounts at once


Fund transfer process can be conducted with a trusted platform that assures safe transactions to the recipients.

Timely Execution

Simultaneous fund transfer with DOKU can be processed within 24 hours, as all transactions are confirmed to arrive at the destination account at the right time .

Detailed Reporting

Both merchants and partners of merchants will receive transaction reports via e-email or SFTP to monitor transaction status easily.

Automatic System

With an automatic integrated system, you can easily control the traffic of the fund transfer and minimize the possibility of human errors.

Real time

Fund transfer can be executed from anywhere to any bank accounts in Indonesia and DOKU e-wallet

Dual Access Level

The roles of creator and approver will increase transaction security. Confirmation will be sent by e-mail to both parties.

Advanced Solutions


Transferring funds anywhere easily and affordably

The needs to conduct payments or transfer fund to your hometown can be reached easily and securely, without going to a bank. Fund transfer will be charged with minimum conversion rate.

Account Billing

Billing payment right on schedule without a miss

Monthly billings such as insurance premiums or installments can be paid automatically according to the schedule. Routine auto-debit by companies from customer’s account becomes more practical, as one upload and auto-debit timing can be scheduled and adjusted.

B2B Payment

Safe and transparent money circulation in your business

Improve the trust of agents/business partners on your company by establishing a transparent management system and financial report, as well as an independent financial management ecosystem.

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