Comprehensive Merchant
Payment Services


Various Type of Payment Services

Payment through website or payment link, invoices or other alternatives. DOKU offers various payment methods to support your business transactions.

Wide Range of Payment Channels

DOKU connects business to more than 20 banks and non-financial institutions in Indonesia to open wider payment options and help your business development.

Secure Process and Fraud Detection

By using DOKU’s Fraud Detection System, all your transactions and data are secured.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

DOKU provides a team of analysts and fraud detection technology that monitor sales transactions with an integrated reporting to support your business development.

Facilitate Merchant Loan

If you need additional capital to grow your business, DOKU can connect you to a trusted lending partner for your business.

Fast Onboarding and Easy Integration

Registration with 3 quick steps and your profile will be active within 48 hours. Starting from API documentation, service usage instructions and all the supporting information for your easy access.

Link payment for personal sellers

You can sell anything without a website. DOKU offers payment links for your business that you can easily share on various social media platforms and chat applications.

Pay Buddy for Direct Billings

For direct billing needs from a transaction and your customer, DOKU is ready to assist in sending the invoice via e-mail.

Available Payment Methods

Credit Card, Debit Online, E-Commerce Banking, In Store Payment, Bank Transfer, E-Wallet, Consumer Financing

Advanced Solutions


Transferring funds anywhere easily and affordably

The needs to conduct payments or transfer fund to your hometown can be reached easily and securely, without going to a bank. Fund transfer will be charged with minimum conversion rate.

Account Billing

Billing payment right on schedule without a miss

Monthly billings such as insurance premiums or installments can be paid automatically according to the schedule. Routine auto-debit by companies from customer’s account becomes more practical, as one upload and auto-debit timing can be scheduled and adjusted.

B2B Payment

Safe and transparent money circulation in your business

Improve the trust of agents/business partners on your company by establishing a transparent management system and financial report, as well as an independent financial management ecosystem.

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