Instant catalogue eases product promotion.

Boosts opportunities to increase sales and successful transactions.
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3 Steps to Create an Online Catalogue

Click the e-Katalog Feature to Create an Online Catalogue.

Personalise your online catalogue by including your name and logo

Select and Add Product Details

Upload photos, descriptions, and prices of the products you are selling

Share the link with customers

Customers can choose products freely through one e-Katalog link.

  • Upload and customise product or service variants to offer
  • Promote online catalogues on social media quickly
  • Connect to reliable delivery service partners
  • Monitor and get successful transaction notifications from the dashboard

Explore the Dashboard

Find various conveniences in monitoring your business activities through the DOKU dashboard

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Everything about e-Katalog

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e-Catalog creates an online product catalogue. The vendor will get a unique URL to distribute on social media/WhatsApp groups so potential shoppers can view the items before buying.

Do e-Katalog customers need to register first?

Open the product link and make a purchase on the e-catalog platform without registering.

Product verification upload time?

Product verification takes two days.

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Create Your Online Catalogue

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