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Build an application to facilitate your online community’s transactions or add an electronic wallet feature to your business application
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  • It’s time for communities to go digital! Build community-specific applications together with DOKU.
  • Offer the marketplace feature and add an electronic wallet from DOKU that supports your community’s activities.
  • Activate the QRIS feature in your electronic wallet app quickly and easily.

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General Questions

Everything you need to know about e-Money

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Can partners register themselves?

Currently, it is not possible, as DOKU Wallet H2H requires a special approach and approval from Bank Indonesia.

Do partners have to show DOKU's logo on their application?

Yes, but only on the page that shows the customer’s funds.

Can other digital wallets read DOKU QRIS?

Yes, DOKU QRIS can be used by all types of digital wallets.

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Make Your Business Application More Productive With DOKU!

#UntungAdaDOKU, add an electronic wallet feature on your business application without requiring a license
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