Automatically Send Funds to More than 100 Banks in Indonesia in Real-time

Load up to 1,000 recipients via one file upload
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  • The process of transferring funds is fast, safe, and automatic with a well-documented API
  • Smart routing system that guarantees speed and success of the transfer process
  • Suitable to support regular transfers from transferring to many business vendors to the distribution of employee salaries

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General Questions

Everything you need to know about Local Payouts

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What if the internet connection disconnects during the transaction?

Please check the Manage Transactions menu. If the transaction is in the list of transactions, then re-transaction is not required. If the transaction is not in the transaction list, please do the transaction again.

What if the Operator is unable to access the website?

Please ensure that the Operator’s internet connection is stable. If not, the Operator can contact Customer Service.

What if the Receiver does not receive the transaction funds in their bank account?

The recipient must inform that they have not received the fund in their bank account. Then the sender must report the case to MTS through MTS customer service or MTS agent.

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