Receive Quick and Easy Payments with Payment Link

Collecting customer payments is as easy as sharing a link or an e-invoice through the chat feature on social media and email.
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3 Steps to Create a Payment Link

Create Payment Links from various Platforms

Select Whatsapp, Juragan DOKU app or dashboard and start creating the payment link

Share Payment Links

Send links to customers via WhatsApp or chat features on social media

Receive Notifications

Get real-time notifications for every payment status.

  • One-time file upload for several payment links.
  • Customize transaction notification email contents like create, reminder, success, and expired.
  • Real-time monitoring of various payment links in one dashboard
  • Financial reports are made simpler by recapitulating transaction data (excel format) from your dashboard

Ease of Payment for Various Types of Business

Retail Stores

No website yet? Accept online payments over WhatsApp or social media chat.

Freelance Worker

Collecting payments from clients are faster via WhatsApp or chat features on social media.

Online Business

Receive and monitor online payments more practically through the dashboard


Create a payment link and share it on your class WhatsApp group

Culinary Business

Customers can pay off via WhatsApp or chat features on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Payment Link

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What are Payment Links?

A payment link is a payment feature made by sharing a payment link containing order information with predetermined customers. This feature can be used to bill, sell products and others.

How do I create a Payment Link?

Payment links can be made through the dashboard, application and WhatsApp. Making the Payment Link is free of charge or free.

What is the maximum expiry date for creating a Payment Link?

The maximum expiration time for Payment Link is one year (365 days)

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