Complete Payment Methods Guarantee Transaction Success

Time to get more customers! Offer various payment options and ease transactions for customers
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Receive payments automatically from various banks with a unique Virtual Account code
  • Flexibility to create unique virtual account codes according to business needs
  • Real-time notifications and customers can complete payments without waiting for confirmation from you
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Accept payments from customers in various countries via credit cards
  • Low charge-back rates with reliable internal risk engine support
  • Free to define the domain where customers make payments directly on the business platform or are redirected to a particular payment page
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Facilitate payments for your customers who are still comfortable paying with cash
  • Supported by more than 12,000 minimarket partner networks throughout Indonesia
  • Flexibility to generate payment codes according to business needs
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Presenting a popular cashless payment method for customers with e-wallets
  • Practical customers transact without having to think about refunds
  • Automatic and transparent recording of transactions with complete details in the application
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Reduce the risk of failed transaction and increase the number of successful transactions with Pay later
  • Credit risk and chargeback are borne directly by DOKU Pay later partners
  • Get a competitive transaction fee scheme compared to credit cards and bank transfers
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Have a Complete Payment Method with DOKU

#UntungAdaDOKU, now customers can freely choose the payment method they want when making transactions
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