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3 Steps to Create QRIS


Learn about the advantages of QRIS. Contact our sales team on the registration process


Complete all required paperwork. Our team will work with PTEN to register your company.

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Make QRIS the payment option in your store

  • Activate the QRIS feature faster with DOKU, which has a QRIS license
  • Accept payments from various e-Wallet and mobile banking applications in your store
  • Cash-free payments, recorded automatically and overcome the risk of lost money


Everything you neeed to know about QRIS

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What's QRIS?

QRIS (pronounced KRIS) is a QR Code that unites QR codes from various Payment System Service Providers (PJSP). The payment system industry and the Central Bank created QRIS to simplify, speed up, and secure QR Code transactions.

How does QRIS benefit sellers?

QRIS allows sellers to accept payments from many digital wallet apps using one QR code.

How long is QRIS registration?

If data is complete and there are no abnormalities, the registration process takes about 6 working days from DOKU receiving the paperwork and prerequisites.

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Accept Cashless Payments, Scan & Pay with QRIS

#UntungAdaDOKU, activation of the QRIS feature is quick; customers can pay directly with their smartphone
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