Flexible Customer Disbursement Process to Various Business Accounts

Set your own time and account destination so that the disbursement is under your business’ operational schedule
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  • Freely determine the time of disbursement according to the transaction
  • Modify the disbursement reports based on the transaction data, such as the receiver’s account name, transaction purpose, etc
  • View the complete breakdown of cost transparently in the business dashboard

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General Questions

Everything you need to know about Settlement and Recon

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How to use the split settlement feature?

Ensure you have enabled the split settlement service during registration and visit the split settlement technical documentation here

How do I set the time of settlement?

By default, the settlement is already set according to the settlement schedule. (Virtual Account: T+1, Credit/Debit Card: T+3, O2O (Alfamart, Indomaret): T+4, e-Wallet: T+2, Akulaku: T+2).
JIf you prefer a customized settlement time, you can go to the Configuration menu -> Settlement or via the Hold & Release settlement feature. You can visit the documentation here

How do I customize settlement reports?

Visit the technical documentation here or contact our sales team if you’re considering more complex customization.

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