Transaction is the lungs of any breathing economy, that is why our first step starts with a big dream to pave way towards a freedom of transaction. As the pioneer of electronic payment in Indonesia, continuous technological innovations are conducted to generate payment solutions that answer any business needs, along with the dynamics in the economy.

From paying and getting paid to transferring fund, all are possible with DOKU. For more than one decade, we have grown together alongside with large and medium scaled companies to personal sellers from various lines of businesses, ranging from the transportation, tourism, insurance, retail, donation, communities and many more. Collaboration with partners such as local and international banks, also non-banking institutions has strengthened our reputation as a trusted local electronic payment solution.

Together, we are now more unimpeded in our breath and movement to shatter limitations in transactions, with a diverse range of payment systems, challenging the time constraints using real time transaction system.

The payment transformation from conventional to digital, frees us from all existing limitations, resulting a faster pathway towards financial literacy in Indonesia.

Payment Ecosystem

To provide a payment solution and support the overall business growth, these are the three pillars of our payment ecosystem that is supportive and strengthens partner's businesses.

Transaction Start With Trust

Our Vision

We are determined to play a role in Indonesia’s digital economic growth. With an undying level of commitment and limitless innovation. We are consistently moving forward to solidify a position as the leading and trusted payment technology company.

Our Milestone


The first electronic payments and risk management company in Indonesia.


First to attain global certification for data security (PCI DSS).

New Heights

Re-branded to DOKU, ready for the new heights.


Proudly obtained e-money license from Bank Indonesia.

DOKU e-Wallet

Introduce DOKU e-Wallet as a new payment method within DOKU ecosystem.

License BI

Secured fund transfer license from Bank Indonesia for cross border transaction.

DOKU e-Wallet License

Obtained e-wallet license from Bank Indonesia.

Payment Gateway Licensed

The Central Bank launched Payment Gateway licensed, which strengthened our credibility as payment technology company in Indonesia.

New Heights

Sky is the limit and we are just getting started.