Four Health Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for You.

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We’re just wondering what the most anticipated moment on Valentine’s Day is.  Is it the date, the romantic dinner, or the present from your dearest one. Talking about Valentine has always been related to chocolate. During Valentine event, supermarkets and convenience stores are loaded and decorated with chocolate theme. Not only delicious, know that chocolate also has many benefits to your body.

  • Reducing blood presssure

High blood pressure is one of feared health problems for people in Indonesia. In addition to healthy diet selection, consuming chocolate can also help reducing blood pressure. Chocolate contains high amount of antioxidant which boosts the production of oxide nitrate in your body. This substance is used to balance blood’s hormone, and commensurable hormone level stabilize blood tension.

  • Preventing Heart Attack

Heart attack, world’s number one killer, can be prevented by consuming chocolate. A research mentioned that chemical elements in chocolate support the cardiovascular to work better. The research reported that dark chocolate could prevent heart attack up to 50%, and for acute cardiovascular failure, the risk can be reduced up to 10%.

  • Blocking Exhaustion

You might have known that chocolate can boost up your mood. But what you might not know, the serotonin composition in chocolate is also useful for energy production in your body. If you are getting tired easily, try consuming chocolate 50gr a day regularly for replenishing your stamina.

  • Reducing the risk of cancer

Cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth. This cancerous cell will keep on growing if there are triggers that activate it. Chocolate contains antioxidant which is a supplement for protein to resist cancerous cells in your body. Meaning that chocolate can reduce the chance of cancerous cells to spread.

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