5 Techs You Should Know For Growing Your Start-up Business

  • Published : Wednesday, 23 November 2016 |
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The development of a startup business is growing rapidly despite the competition is no less intense. We must be keen and smart in executing business strategies, so that your business works as it is supposed to be. Start-up businesses are closely related to technology. In return for everyone who works in it, they must follow the current trends and developments in technology, like it or not. Otherwise, their startup business will likely to fail. We highlighted five crucial technologies that could make startup businesses rapidly growing.

  1. Social media

Considering the fact that we see every day, modern society cannot be separated from social media. Everyone shares their stories, pictures, and daily activities – everything on their social media accounts. This is an opportunity for business to turn this trend into profit. From many alternatives, you can make social media as medium of distributing products information, and media to get closer to customers.

  1. Cyber security system

The world of digital technology is also full of people of malicious intent for taking advantage and opportunities to commit frauds, scams or steal valuable account. It becomes compulsory for businessmen to have a qualified security system. Otherwise, this issue can lead to consumer hesitation from conduct transactions, particularly using credit cards. It is painful and sometime takes a lot of money, but security system should be applied in many aspects especially for the payment system.

  1. Data storage

Another technology that businessmen must own is data storage or data center. The need for data storage has continued to grow. Therefore, a startup with myriads of information on products and services, of course, will require a digital container that can store such big-sized data.

  1. Mobile Apps

The world in moving forward, and almost all businesses have started using mobile service apps. Mobile apps give practicality for customers, since it is light and has fast loading time. Most importantly, mobile apps can be used anytime and anywhere without having to open the site.

  1. Effortless payment system

Have you ever thought that bank transfer is considered ‘conventional’ these days, not to mention wire transfer, credit card, or hard cash. Going together with the development of technology, payment systems are now entering the new phase where people are able to make transactions without having bank accounts. This kind of payment service becomes important as it can build customer loyalty to the products we sell. Choose the first Indonesia service provider of online payment that is safe, easy, and definitely reliable.


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