Universal Interface for Non-Cash Transactions

Say goodbye to the QR codes that are lined up on the cashier counter. Business owners can now use universal QR code on the cashier counter of their onsite and online stores that can be scanned by mobile application of all QRIS operators in Indonesia. Practical for your business and comfortable for your customers, as they will be able to use the existing e-money application on their smartphones.
Satu Akses untuk Raih Pasar Lebih Besar

One Access To Reach Larger Market

In addition to brand and product uniqueness, the availability of payment method selections also affect revenue and plays an important role in the growth of your business in the future. Reach larger market by accepting non-cash payments from e-money users all over Indonesia, using DOKU's QRIS.

Steps To Using QRIS for Business Owners.

1. Register

Get your information on the benefits of DOKU's QRIS. Contact our sales team for registration process.

2. Get verification

Complete the documents required. Our team will coordinate with PTEN to register your business.

3. Accept payments with DOKU QRIS

Use DOKU's QRIS as a payment option to reach e-money users all over Indonesia.

Equip your business with DOKU's QRIS. Non-cash, safe, easy and affordable payment for your business.

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Satu Kode untuk Semua Aplikasi

One Code For All Applications

Experience using e-money with QR scan method is more comfortable, because DOKU's e-Wallet users can conduct transactions at any onsite and online stores that accept e-money payment method. Shopping is practical with DOKU's QRIS.

Steps To Use QRIS on DOKU's e-Waller Application.

1. Select QR Payment Menu

Click the QR icon on the top right of the DOKU e-Wallet application. Make sure you allow the access to take photo through DOKU e-Wallet application.

2. Scan QR code at cashier/purchase receipt/online store

Make sure the QR code that you wish to scan appears in the DOKU e- Wallet application's window. Hold a few seconds until it is scanned by the application.

3. Confirmation on Completed Payment

Enter PIN and confirm payment to the cashier at outlets and store where you shop.

Download the latest version of DOKU's e-Wallet and enjoy the non-cash shopping facility with DOKU's QRIS.

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