Database Engineer

Database Engineer

 Engineer    Jakarta, Indonesia    Full Time    Jun 7th


  • Have passion in software engineering, quality, exceptional attention to detail
  • Like to follow news and trends around IT especially around his/her skillset
  • Able to work in team and can cope in conflict situation and do conflict resolution
  • Able to speak up and communicate substantially to his team, leader or management
  • Able to provide technical support for the physical design and implementation of all Databases, Content Banks and/or Data Warehouses
  • Able to provide technical consultation to development staff on database architecture, new technologies, and database related issues
  • Able to write technical documentation


  • 2+ experience managing large databases
  • Strong understanding about relational model
  • Strong experience with various relational databases and knowing when to implement what
  • Knows what all these acronyms are and can explain them OLTP, OLAP, RDBMS, ETL, MDM
  • Experience managing and manipulating databases through scripting
  • Experience working with version control system such as Subversion or Git

Plus Point

  • Bachelor Degree (or D3) in Computer Science
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL database
  • Experience working with Continuous Integration System such as Jenkins
  • Experience working with Linux Operating System
  • Strong understanding of Application Scaling and Performance Tuning
  • Experience working in a highly (government) regulated environment
  • Experience working in Banking and Financial domain
  • Experience working with agile methodology
  • Contribute to open source project or have open source project of his/her own (prove)
  • Contribute quality answers to questions in IT Community (prove)
  • Have done training or act as speaker on It events/seminars/conference (prove)