Data Scientist

Data Scientist

 Engineer    Jakarta, Indonesia    Full Time    Oct 20th



The ideal candidate's favorite words are learning, data, scale, and agility. You will leverage your strong collaboration skills and the ability to extract valuable insights from highly complex data sets to ask the right questions and find the right answers. 



·       Utilize enormous amount of data, both unstructured and structured data

·       Analyze raw data: assessing quality, cleansing, structuring for downstream processing

·       Use advanced analytics to extract insight from data, to build models from it

·       Design accurate and scalable prediction algorithms

·       Collaborate with the engineering team to bring analytical prototypes to production

·       Generate actionable insights for business improvements

·        Creating continuous improvement and better management of dependencies and integration with other teams and functions

·       Actively maintain largely scale collaboration with internal and external parties that will benefit the whole company

·       Driving the team to create world-class actionable insights



·       Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in a quantitative field (Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, etc.)

·       At least 1 - 2 years' of experience in quantitative analytics or data modeling

·       Familiarity with a programming language (Python, R, Java, etc)

·       Familiarity with machine learning frameworks (sci-kit-learn, Spark MLlib, caret, etc)

·       Familiarity with Big Data frameworks and visualization tools (Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau)

·       Familiarity in machine learning, AI, computer science, engineering preferred. Have a track record in building an end-to-end data science project

·       Expert with various BI technology, and the ability to design and implement a BI platform to process large Datasets

·       Crave for new technologies/algorithms with a fast learning and understanding process.

·       Experience with cloud technologies (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, etc)

·       Knowledge of specific a domain such as Credit Scoring, Risk Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Fraud Prevention, etc

·       Experience with deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, etc)

·       Hands-on mentality and can run a data science project end-to-end independently

·       Business savviness to generate and present insights to senior stakeholders

·       An ability and eagerness to constantly learn and teach others

·       Good in data visualizations and communications

·       Excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and conceptual thinking abilities


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