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Payment Gateway


Various Type of Payment Services

Payment through websites or payment links, invoices or other alternatives. We have a wide range of payment methods to support your transaction in your business.

Wide Range of Payment Channels

We connect businesses to over than 20 banks and non-financial institution in Indonesia to open a wider range of payment options to help you grow your business.

Scalable System

Our technology will support as you grow bigger business.

Secure and Accurate

With an intelligent and incisive fraud detection system to ensure your transactions are secure and successful

Strong Business Analytics

Analyzing your transactional data to help you boost your business growth and provide insights on current business trends

Single reporting structure

A singular reporting system that covers all of your transaction data

Payment Gateway

We simplify payments for our merchants by delivering a secure, stable, and scalable, payment ecosystem

Link Payment

You can sell almost anything without having to have a website. We offer. A payment link to your items which can be easily accessed and shared to social media or messaging applications


For direct billings from your customers, we are ready. To help you send electronic invoices through email

Deposit Top Up

A secure and transparent cycle of your money flow. Increase trust from your agent/business partners towards your company with a financial management and reporting system, which is transparent, along with an independent finance management ecosystem

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