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We understand the local creative ideas that grow into businesses, because we are local company. Our tech team is dedicated to continuously develop payment system as the solution to facilitate transaction every day; from small to enterprise businesses, as well as enhance business from traditional to digital. Therefore, our innovation of payment services always adapts to match the needs of various businesses.

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Open an account within 5 minutes, complete all the necessary steps and start selling online in 48 hours! Learn More

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Payment Gateway

A step away from automation. Connect with us and gain access to various payment channels of choice

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Transfer Services

Transfer real-time is done under a trusted platform which ensures that each transaction reaches its destination account securely

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What They Say


DOKU provides a multitude of secure payments to our passengers. With an easy integrated process, security for every transaction, support for 7 days / 24 hours for technical and promotional support, and also helpful marketing support guarantee smooth, easy and convenient transactions.

Tarumanegara University

DOKU services are helpful and take a load off of all the financial hassles, everything is automatic. Form payments, tuition fee, SPP/Semester Tuition Fee up to online donation. Parents can select between transfers, credit cards, installments, even purchases at selected convenience stores and through DOKU’s e-Wallet. For parents living overseas, they can directly register and make payments via website or application which has been connected to DOKU’s transaction ecosystem.

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