Reliable & Secure Payment Gateway

Trust is a Must

We take our relationship with you, our user very seriously. Assisting you with support, as we are available all 7 days of every week and 24 hours around the clock. We believe that a good foundation of any fruitful relationship is commitment to always improve and consistent in our deliveries.

Advanced Risk Management

Big Data Variety

10 years’ worth of transactions, customer and merchant profiles are maintained and always kept up-to-date, to ensure your transactions are assessed using the most relevant data.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence. Pattern recognition. We use supervised and unsupervised algorithms.

Human Interaction

Team of experts trained to analyze risk decisions and maximize conversion rate.

Chargeback Insurance

We offer insurance to guarantee the financial liability of your chargebacks.

Dashboard for monitoring all activity

Dig deep into every transaction from our single dashboard - monitor your transactions, customer logins, and receive alerts for pattern anomalies.

Advanced Profiling

We use the latest technology in analyzing consumer behavior and transaction patterns. Every detail of information is analyzed meticulously to anticipate the possibility of fraud.


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DOKU provides a multitude of secure payments to our passengers. With an easy integrated process, security for every transaction, support for 7 days / 24 hours for technical and promotional support, and also helpful marketing support guarantee smooth, easy and convenient transactions.

Tarumanegara University

DOKU services are helpful and take a load off of all the financial hassles, everything is automatic. Form payments, tuition fee, SPP/Semester Tuition Fee up to online donation. Parents can select between transfers, credit cards, installments, even purchases at selected convenience stores and through DOKU’s e-Wallet. For parents living overseas, they can directly register and make payments via website or application which has been connected to DOKU’s transaction ecosystem.

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